Canna Delivery offers a premium, convenient and personalized experience — from our hands to yours. There’s no stress, and no waiting around. Just place your order before 9:00pm. and your same-day delivery is guaranteed.


Delivery Tips: 

  • Please have your money ready before you order, this helps speed up our delivery times ! If you are ready then we are one step ahead. 
  • Haven't heard from the driver? Please call us so we can touch base with our drivers personally. We do not reply to text or Facebook messages regarding deliveries. 
  • We appreciate you ! Your service is very important to us. We kindly ask you as the customer to be as helpful as possible. This includes:
  •  leaving a light on when it gets dark so our drivers can see easier
  • Having the correct information on your order, especially your phone number. This is critical for your quick delivery times. We don’t enjoy playing phone tag just as much as you ! 
  • R E S P E C T. We understand and care for the well being of others as a medicinal service and are here to help as best we can, with respect. If there are any complications with your order, before, during, or after, please call us and talk. We will take the time to talk to you, not take the time for you to yell at us. 


  • Same-day service in the NIAGARA REGION
  • An alert, 15-30 minutes before deliver

* Orders that are urgent delivery time will be subjected to a extra S10
* There is a minimum $100 to Dunnville, Lincoln, Beamsville and Grimsby area and a $10  delivery charge.

Just select the Canna Delivery option during checkout.

Questions? call one of our customer care team members for a one-on-one conversation at 905 -380-9044